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St Simon’s Pastoral Parish Council:AGM 7 Nov 7 pm Cafe Simon

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1. Welcome and Prayer

2. Present and Apologies

3. Minutes of previous 6 Sep (available on website)

4. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

5. Appointment of Group Convenors

6. Appointment of Secretary and Treasurer


7. Finance & Fabric

 1. Expenditure to date 

2. Budget to date

3. Maintenance Programme


8. Conduct of Worship

 1. Sunday Mass Schedule inc. Communion to hospital and housebound 

2. Daily Mass Schedule

3. Advent / Christmas / Epiphany


9. Pastoral Care

1. Reminiscences Group

2. SVdP

3. Ascent Group

4. Café Simon

5. Keynotes


10. Education in Faith

 1. Further Education in Faith Programme



11. Polish Chaplaincy Representation


12. Child & Vulnerable Persons Protection Update 


13. Cooperation with St Peter’s PPC


14. AOB


2010 – 11 meetings Dec 6, Mar 7, June 6, Sep 5. AGM Nov 7






Minutes of the Autumn Meeting held on Monday, 6th September, 2010

at 7.03 p.m. in Café Simon.


1. J. Henderson (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited Father Slavin to read Luke’s Gospel for the day.


2. Present were M. Burke, K. Drury, J. Henderson, N. Kelly, S. Lamb, L. McGurn, S. O’Donnell, G. Porter, B. Torsney, Sr. M. Ross, M. McCarron, Rev. W Slavin & Deacon J. Kernaghan.


Apologies were received from E. Kidd & her resignation, J. McCormick, J. McMillan, J. Papamichail & Rev. J. Lawlor.


Also absent were M. Magennis, J. McShane, & J. McNeill.


3. Minutes of the Summer Meeting on 7th June were approved. Proposed by Sr. M. Ross, Seconded by B. Torsney.


4. Education in Faith. B. Torsney Convenor gave the report.


1. 2010-11 Further Education in Faith Programme started last week.


2 RCIA/RCIC. Adult programme starts tomorrow.


3 Baptisms/marriages/Funerals. St. Peter’s has booklets which St. Simon’s uses.



5. Finance & Fabric. As J. McCormick, the Convenor was absent, G. Porter gave the report.


1 Expenditure to date: The redecoration of the house is complete. The maintenance register is being prepared.


2. Budget to date. On track, but cash a bit scarcer now. Health & Safety issue re Balcony no further forward, so will write letter to Fr. M. Lekawa passing the responsibility for crowd control to them.



6. Conduct of Worship. Deacon Kernaghan gave the report.


1 Rotas. Sundays are OK. Eucharistic Visits to Overnewton are a bit problematic.


  1. Pastoral Care. As this group has no convenor or many members, the report was given by several people.


1 Visiting Housebound. No requests for this.


2. Reminiscences Group. Meets every 2nd Saturday @ 2.45pm. Knitting squares for Africa.

3. SVdP. M. McCarron gave this report. Not many requests for help. Bus Run for

 older parishioners to Largs was last week. Took a family to the SVdP caravan in Stevenston for a week. Help in Café Simon.


4. Keynotes. Next issue for Christmas.


5. Café Simon. Sundays at 1pm. More volunteers welcome.


  1. Children & Adults at risk Protection. Sr. Mary gave the report. Liz McGurn will be the second co-ordinator for the parish. Training will take place in October. The Parish Priest is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance.


  1. Polish Chaplaincy. The post remains vacant after Alek Alfer walked out. Fr. Lekawa had been expecting another student priest who didn’t come so he is relying on Fr. Wojciech Swiatowski for help.


  1. AOB. 1. Papal Visit. St. Simon’s pilgrims will travel by subway to the park.


2. Crossing the Clyde by the various bridges for the Parents shop on 3rd October after 10am Mass.


3. J. Henderson then tendered her resignation as she is moving to Edinburgh. Fr. Slavin thanked both her and her husband for being good neighbours for the church.


  1. The AGM will be on 1st November. Sr. M. Ross & M. Burke tendered their apologies for this meeting.


This being all the business, the meeting closed with the Prayer at 8.30pm.







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