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FIRST COMMUNIONS IN ST PETER’S 2011 8 May 12 noon, 14 May 11 am, 15 May 1 30 pm, 22 May 3 pm (Polish).    Adult Education Tuesdays 7 30 pm St Peter’s Hall:  24 May Brian Quail Pentecost in the East:   31 May Br Charles The New Pentecost.      Annual Walk to Blantyre 18 June Dep. St Simon’s 9am.  All Welcome

Sunday 3 -Easter

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WEEKEND MASS TIMESSt Simon’s 6 Vigil (Polish), 10 am (English), 12 noon (Polish), 6 pm (English)St Peter’s 6 Vigil, 10 am & 12 noon in English; 3 pm in Polish.Saturdays 10 am St Peter’s (only)
2011 FIRST COMMUNIONS Sun 8 May 12 noon, Sat 14 May 11 am & Sun 15 May1 30 pm, Sun 22 May 3 pm (Polish) in St Peter’sADULT EDUCATION Tue eve sessions recommence 10 May 7 30 in St Peter’s Hall.Fr Slavin on Easter reading: The Acts of the ApostlesNEXT SUNDAY Good Shepherd Sunday Collection for students for priesthood
ST MUNGO SINGERS Catena of Saints Sun 8 May 3 pm St Andrew’s CathedralINTERNATIONAL DAY FOR NURSES Mass Thu 12 May 7 pm Carfin GrottoCRAIG LODGE Open Day Sun 15 May DalmallyLYRA VOCAL ENSEMBLE (St Petersburg) Concert Fri 20 May 7 30 St Simon’s £5LITTLE SISTERS May Procession Sun 22 May 4 pm RobroystonCITY OF GLASGOW CHORUS Belshazzar’s Feast Sun 22 May 7 30 City HallsACTS Vespers with Episcopal Bishop Duncan Tue 24 May 7 pm St Matthew’sDIOCESAN PRIESTHOOD Retreat for aspirants 27–29 May. Info SHRIGLEY FPs are invited to contact John Clark 01698 842233MAGNIFICAT Daily Readings £4 www.totalcatholic.comANNUAL WALK TO BLANTYRE Sat 18 June Dep St Simon’s 9 am. All welcome
SVdP 2nd and 4th Thursdays 7 30 pm St Simon’s PresbyteryCHURCH OPEN daily 8 am – 6 pmSOLIDARITY SHOP for recycled goods 540 Dumbarton Rd Tel: 342 4089USED SPEX? Please leave in sacristy


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Russian Sacred Music Concert
Lyra Choral Quartet from St Petersburg
St Simon’s Friday 20 May 7 30 pm. Ticket at door

Sunday Liturgy- Easter 2 Year A

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Welcome to St Simon’s



He is Lord, he is Lord,

he is risen from the dead and he is Lord.

Every knee shall bow, ever tongue confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord.

He is King…..

He is love…..


Glory, glory, glory to God (x2)

Glory to God in the heights of the heavens

Peace to God’s people, all people on earth.

Son of the Father, all glory and worship

Praise and thanksgiving to you Lamb of God.

You take away the sin of the word

Have mercy on us, receive our prayer.

Seated in power at the right of the Father

Jesus alone is the Lord the most high.

And with the Spirit of love everlasting

Reigning in glory for ever. Amen


for 2nd Sunday of Easter is always the story of doubting Thomas



The first people to be called “christians”

Psalm 117: Response

This day was made by the Lord,

we rejoice and are glad


1st Peter 1. 3 – 9

We have been raised up

GOSPEL ACCLAMATIONAlleluia, alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord
Alleluia, alleluia, give praise to his name



JOHN 20. 19 – 31

An apostle expresses doubt about the resurrection of Jesus



There is no plate collection here unless for a previously intimated good cause. If you wish to support St Simon’s you must do this through your bank or the envelope system. Forms in sacristy. Box at back for visitors’ donations.


SUNDAY MASS 10 & 6pm in English

6 Vigil & 12 noon in Polish

St Peter’s: 6 Vigil, 10 & 12 noon English

3 pm Polish

DAILY 12 30


The Lord be with you
And also with you
Lift up your hearts
We lift them up to the Lord
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God
It is right to give him thanks & praise

PREFACE to the Eucharistic Prayer…..

SANCTUS (Macmillan)

Holy, holy, holy Lord

God of power and might

Heaven and earth are full of your glory

Hosanna in the highest

Blessed is He, O blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord

Hosanna in the highest, hosanna in the highest


Christ has died, alleluia

Christ is risen, alleluia

Christ will come again, alleluia, alleluia


A-a-a-amen, alleluia,
forever and ever, forever alleluia
forever and ever amen.


If English is not your first language you are encouraged to say this prayer in the language in which you first learned it

Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis (x2)

Lamb of God, you take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us

Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem

……grant us peace.

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, blessed are those called to the banquet of the Lamb (x2)


Known to us in the breaking of the bread
you are the Christ our Saviour
Jesus Lord at your table we are fed
you are the bread of life


St. Simons Parish Accounts 2010-11

Income for year £

Gift Aided 15,650 16,950

Gift Aided Tax Rebate 5,791 5,650

Standing Orders not G.A. 2,000 2,000

Cash at door 11,571 11,650

Fundraising 0 2,200

Special Collections 16,856 12,800

Other (Café, candles etc) 10,128 10,100

Faith Into Action 4,991 6,000

Total 66,987 67,150

Expenditure for year £

Council tax 2,000 2,000

Restoration Work 20,000 10,250 Energy 4,850 6,250

Insurance 3,300 3,225

National Contingency Fund 1,400 1,500

Archdiocesan Levy 9,100 9,400

Special Collections 19,062 12,650

Salaries 2,920 1,150

Repairs 4,550 1,700

Stall/Newspapers 5,080 4,180

Other 8,185 6,330

Total 83,367 61,325

Bank Balance end March 2011 1,216 17,900

St Simon’s Pastoral Parish Council:AGM 7 Nov 7 pm Cafe Simon

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1. Welcome and Prayer

2. Present and Apologies

3. Minutes of previous 6 Sep (available on website)

4. Election of Chair and Vice-Chair

5. Appointment of Group Convenors

6. Appointment of Secretary and Treasurer


7. Finance & Fabric

 1. Expenditure to date 

2. Budget to date

3. Maintenance Programme


8. Conduct of Worship

 1. Sunday Mass Schedule inc. Communion to hospital and housebound 

2. Daily Mass Schedule

3. Advent / Christmas / Epiphany


9. Pastoral Care

1. Reminiscences Group

2. SVdP

3. Ascent Group

4. Café Simon

5. Keynotes


10. Education in Faith

 1. Further Education in Faith Programme



11. Polish Chaplaincy Representation


12. Child & Vulnerable Persons Protection Update 


13. Cooperation with St Peter’s PPC


14. AOB


2010 – 11 meetings Dec 6, Mar 7, June 6, Sep 5. AGM Nov 7






Minutes of the Autumn Meeting held on Monday, 6th September, 2010

at 7.03 p.m. in Café Simon.


1. J. Henderson (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited Father Slavin to read Luke’s Gospel for the day.


2. Present were M. Burke, K. Drury, J. Henderson, N. Kelly, S. Lamb, L. McGurn, S. O’Donnell, G. Porter, B. Torsney, Sr. M. Ross, M. McCarron, Rev. W Slavin & Deacon J. Kernaghan.


Apologies were received from E. Kidd & her resignation, J. McCormick, J. McMillan, J. Papamichail & Rev. J. Lawlor.


Also absent were M. Magennis, J. McShane, & J. McNeill.


3. Minutes of the Summer Meeting on 7th June were approved. Proposed by Sr. M. Ross, Seconded by B. Torsney.


4. Education in Faith. B. Torsney Convenor gave the report.


1. 2010-11 Further Education in Faith Programme started last week.


2 RCIA/RCIC. Adult programme starts tomorrow.


3 Baptisms/marriages/Funerals. St. Peter’s has booklets which St. Simon’s uses.



5. Finance & Fabric. As J. McCormick, the Convenor was absent, G. Porter gave the report.


1 Expenditure to date: The redecoration of the house is complete. The maintenance register is being prepared.


2. Budget to date. On track, but cash a bit scarcer now. Health & Safety issue re Balcony no further forward, so will write letter to Fr. M. Lekawa passing the responsibility for crowd control to them.



6. Conduct of Worship. Deacon Kernaghan gave the report.


1 Rotas. Sundays are OK. Eucharistic Visits to Overnewton are a bit problematic.


  1. Pastoral Care. As this group has no convenor or many members, the report was given by several people.


1 Visiting Housebound. No requests for this.


2. Reminiscences Group. Meets every 2nd Saturday @ 2.45pm. Knitting squares for Africa.

3. SVdP. M. McCarron gave this report. Not many requests for help. Bus Run for

 older parishioners to Largs was last week. Took a family to the SVdP caravan in Stevenston for a week. Help in Café Simon.


4. Keynotes. Next issue for Christmas.


5. Café Simon. Sundays at 1pm. More volunteers welcome.


  1. Children & Adults at risk Protection. Sr. Mary gave the report. Liz McGurn will be the second co-ordinator for the parish. Training will take place in October. The Parish Priest is ultimately responsible for ensuring compliance.


  1. Polish Chaplaincy. The post remains vacant after Alek Alfer walked out. Fr. Lekawa had been expecting another student priest who didn’t come so he is relying on Fr. Wojciech Swiatowski for help.


  1. AOB. 1. Papal Visit. St. Simon’s pilgrims will travel by subway to the park.


2. Crossing the Clyde by the various bridges for the Parents shop on 3rd October after 10am Mass.


3. J. Henderson then tendered her resignation as she is moving to Edinburgh. Fr. Slavin thanked both her and her husband for being good neighbours for the church.


  1. The AGM will be on 1st November. Sr. M. Ross & M. Burke tendered their apologies for this meeting.


This being all the business, the meeting closed with the Prayer at 8.30pm.







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